Decks, patios and porches in Cincinnati, OH

Whether you are deciding to add a deck, patio or porch to your home or if you have an existing deck, patio or porch you need to renovate, it is a big decision. You want to consider three main things before setting out to either get a quote or start your project on your own. 

1. The look of your addition
2. The function of your addition
3. Your budget

You would think to start with the look or with the budget but actually the best place to begin is the function; how are you going to use the space? Know how you will use it; will it be a gathering space, a relaxation space for Saturday morning coffee, a place for the kids to play or a means of adding value to your home? Once you decide the function you can work on the look you want. Finally, find out what the space will cost and compare that with the budget you had in mind. We would rather you scale back on the added features to match your budget than to sacrifice the function or appearance of the final project. During you consultation we can share our years of expertise to meet your needs and functionality. Bring your ideas and budget limit and let us work on the rest.

Decks at a glance

  • 12x14 Feet will allow you to comfortably fit a 6-foot round table, chairs and a small grill
  • 14x24 Feet will allow you to have a large table and chairs, a large grill and a couple of lounge chairs
  • 16x32 Feet will allow for a large table and chairs, a large grill, hot tub and perhaps a swing

Questions to consider

  • Figure out placement; where will your deck, porch or patio go?
  • Will it be situated in an area with an existing door?
  • How many doors will lead to the structure?
  • Will it need steps?
  • How do you want to configure the steps?
  • Will you be taking advantage of a view?
  • Will you be adding features such as a gazebo, hot tub, pool or fire pit?
  • Will the structure need shade or a covering from full sun exposure?
  • Consider how you want your addition to look, what materials you want to use for your new patio, deck or porch (you want it to feel like an extension of your home not an afterthought)?
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